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rigmarole / канитель, вздор, галиматья
имя существительное
rigmarole, gimp, spun gold
nonsense, blah, rubbish, baloney, humbug, rigmarole
rigmarole, balderdash, galimatias
имя прилагательное
rambling, incoherent, disconnected, scrappy, unconnected, rigmarole
имя существительное
a lengthy and complicated procedure.
he went through the rigmarole of securing the front door
So aleatoric poetry could be described with historical exactitude as a rigmarole .
Howard had been through the rigmarole of selling a company many times.
They are for people who know what they want and who don't want to go through the rigmarole of talking to a sales assistant.
He didn't know why he bothered with this rigmarole .
I went through this rigmarole for the next hour or so.
I'd been on boats where people went diving, and I'd watched the rigmarole of getting kitted up in diving gear.
It took quite a time of fiddling about before I found a comfortable position and then, in cases where driving is shared, the whole rigmarole has to be endured all over again when you get back behind the wheel.
she went into a long rigmarole about the different jobs she'd had
They should just take less tax from us instead of making us go through months of rigmarole for nothing!
If we'd gone much further it would have been dark before we finished all this rigmarole .