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righto / Ладно!, Идет!
Okay!, All right!, OK!, Alright!, Okey dokey!, Skip it!
OK!, Okey dokey!, Right you are!, Okeh!, Okay!, Okey!
expressing agreement or assent.
“Coming to pick up the kids?” “Righto.”
I'm perfectly happy to say ‘ righto Geraldo, you just keep on Geraldo-ing over there in Afghanistan.’
‘Yeah, righto ,’ he said, adding with the sneer still in his voice, ‘I suppose you can swim, can you?’
Anyway, thanks a bunch to those of you who have still stuck around. I know I'm a pain for taking so long to update, but it's not really my fault, righto ?
Scatter your vocabulary with words such as ‘ righty-ho ’, ‘lovely’, ‘super’ and ‘artichoke’
I exercise my right to say ‘ right-ho ’ whenever I feel like it.’
Righto ,’ I say. ‘Let's do it.’