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rightly / справедливо, правильно, должным образом
rightly, fairly, right, justly, rightfully, evenly
properly, right, correctly, best, well, rightly
должным образом
properly, duly, in due course, rightly, right
if I remember rightly, she never gives interviews
You may be tempted to lay the blame where it rightly belongs, on others.
Above all, it is a simple, straightforward and transparent system as rightly stated by Jayalalithaa.
They can be rightly proud of all that they have achieved.
His tactical acumen has been rightly criticised, but in the end it seems even his motivational powers were dimmed when he lost his spark for the job.
If I remember rightly , last time you were here, I asked you why you were so interested in me.
If I remember rightly I was about twelve when I had my first filling.
Ben guessed rightly that he was going to try and grab their horses and have them ready at the back door.
We live in a world that is rightly suspicious of offers that seem too good to be true; we are often skeptical and even cynical.
If I remember rightly they were considering options at the time and the public were asked to make submissions.
The concept of giving perfect financial advice has rightly been discredited and a system of warnings is the natural alternative.