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rightful / законный, справедливый, принадлежащий по праву
имя прилагательное
law, legitimate, legal, rightful, lawful, licit
fair, just, equitable, right, righteous, rightful
принадлежащий по праву
rightful, vested
имя прилагательное
having a legitimate right to property, position, or status.
the rightful owner of the jewels
The television has at last gained its rightful and proper place as household god, oracle and shrine.
He then thought he would do the responsible thing by trying to return the property to its rightful owner.
Franklin sat his steaming cup of coffee down and took his rightful place behind his large mahogany desk.
he's the rightful heir
Paul believed that ‘fate had decided’ he should find the ring and he set about trying to find its rightful owner.
It is my firm view that the rightful owners of the Lissadell Estate have not been compensated for their losses.
That great party used to fume and fizz if in a single freak election it was denied its rightful place as the natural party of government.
He was the rightful heir, as the only child of the Barlow family.
Mr Cash is currently working on uncovering the missing pieces of Anne's life in the hope that it will lead him to the rightful heir of the fortune.
On St. Patrick's Day, in Croke Park, the club had its rightful place in the sun.