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right-handed / пользующийся правой рукой, правосторонний
имя прилагательное
пользующийся правой рукой
right-handed, right-hand
имя прилагательное
(of a person) using the right hand more naturally than the left.
the slant of the stab wounds suggested that the assailant was right-handed
going toward or turning to the right, in particular.
Stakes winner Super Frolic gamely responded under right-handed urging from Joe Bravo, however, and unleashed a powerful kick to close in on Built Up, only to fall a head short at the wire.
with the right hand, or in a manner natural to right-handed people.
Jackson bats right-handed
Most of the volunteers learned to use the mouse left-handed with almost as much dexterity as they did right-handed , and more than three quarters of them kept their mouse on the left even after the trial ended.
I have always maintained that Mickey Mantle was a more devastating hitter right-handed than left-handed, but have never had the statistics to support my argument.
It's a bit like engineers always using right-handed threads, engineers keep stockpiles of right-handed threads of nuts and bolts, rather than left handed ones.
As your right-handed traveller needed to lash the beasts repeatedly to get to work on time it was necessary to sit on the left horse so that both were easily accessible with the whip.
Except for the last three tools that have right- and left-handed wooden threads in combination, all the other tools have right-handed threads.
If you look at a feather under a microscope, you see the main stem, with barbs coming out to the left and right, and from these you have left-and right-handed barbules.
He also would bowl the first ball right-handed and challenge himself to pick up the spare left-handed, then starting lefty and finishing righty.
Their right-handed partners would inhabit a world existing alongside ours, but interacting only gravitationally.
Lawrence unveiled his left-handed prowess in a national PBA event in February 2000, about a month before he was able to resume bowling right-handed .
Considered by many to be one of the strongest technical rikishi ever, Takanohana dominated the dohyo with an uncanny right-handed belt grip and an aggressive style that marked him for sumo greatness.