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rigging / такелаж, оснастка, снасти
имя существительное
rigging, cordage, tackle, gear, rope
rigging, rig, furniture, rope
tackle, gear, rigging, rope, ropes, cordage
имя существительное
the system of ropes, cables, or chains employed to support a ship's masts ( standing rigging ) and to control or set the yards and sails ( running rigging ).
Most spectacular were the bone models of men-at-war ships whose rigging was made of human hair and sails of paper.
the ropes and wires supporting the structure of an airship, biplane, hang glider, or parachute.
The crew held on to the rigging lines of his parachute as he crawled along the wing towards the fire, making holes in the wing with his hands and feet.
make (a sailing ship or boat) ready for sailing by providing it with sails and rigging.
the catamaran will be rigged as a ketch
manage or conduct (something) fraudulently so as to produce a result or situation that is advantageous to a particular person.
the results of the elections had been rigged
It was launched without mast and rigging from Eskside Wharf after a friend of the Jenkinsons, Susan Crookes, smashed a bottle of champagne across the bow at her fifth attempt.
Bill Waldock, a professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, said the rigging problem alone should not have caused the plane to crash.
The two characters run around trying to secure the rigging of the ship in the storm.
Fairbanks predates Jackie Chan in his insistence on performing dangerous stunts himself, seen here as he fearlessly bounds up and down the ship's rigging .
He said he hoped to return in June when the longboat will have been fitted out with sails and rigging .
The Sparlin, crewed by two Spaniards, was found to have damaged rigging and was using foresail and engine.
The ground crew would stay beneath the aircraft at this time, ensuring the rigging didn't get tangled.
His feet became entangled in the parachute's rigging lines and he began spiralling downward, head first.
A few minor problems were encountered with one R - 2600 and some rigging issues had to be corrected, otherwise it was a text book perfect flight.
election rigging