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rigger / такелажник, специалист по сборке самолетов
имя существительное
специалист по сборке самолетов
имя существительное
a person who rigs or attends to the rigging of a sailing ship, aircraft, or parachute.
They also filled nontraditional billets as air traffic controllers, link trainers, mechanics, and parachute riggers .
an artist's long-haired sable brush.
I was reasonably restrained, confining myself to four new brushes - three sable and one synthetic, and the synthetic only because they don't seem to make riggers from sable anymore.
an outrigger carrying a rowlock on a racing rowboat.
Gearoid Towey has handed in his pair riggers and joined single sculling champion, Sam Lynch of Ireland in the double and today they demonstrated that time in the boat is helping their speed.
a person who fraudulently manipulates something so as to produce a result or situation to their advantage.
The close on the market indicates everything is getting away from the riggers .
Water bottles are jettisoned on to the bank, rigger nuts squeezed to check they won't rattle (I have a small spanner in case there's a problem).
The accident at the Narrabeen occurred when the rigger was unloading large steel structure - the lifting system failed and the structure collapsed and crushed the worker to death.
All of which begs a question: how does a seasoned rigger who has spent years at Nigg, sometimes working more than 100 feet up on the steel legs of a giant oil platform, fit into Easter Ross's new industry?
David Hird won first prize in the Wharfedale Audi Young Designer of the Year competition after designing a quick-release boat rigger attachment for rowing boats.
A rigger can knock a crane over as fast as a crane operator.
A rigger tells the crane operator where to put the hook, when to lift, what to do.
Cpl Valdivia recommends that anyone considering a trade transfer to Rigger Parachute first contact a rigger to discuss the pros and cons of the job.
A competent rigger can easily replace parachute lines sewn directly to the parachute.
He worked at the circus as a rigger , putting up the big top.
About 200 building workers at three Gold Coast construction sites in Queensland walked off the job on February 11 after a rigger fell to his death the day before.