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rift / разрыв, трещина, перекат
имя существительное
gap, break, rupture, breaking, discontinuity, rift
crack, fissure, fracture, rift, break, split
split, crack, split up, clove, cleave, rift
split, crack, split up, clove, cleave, rift
имя существительное
a crack, split, or break in something.
the wind had torn open a rift in the clouds
a serious break in friendly relations.
their demise caused a rift between the city's town and gown
form fissures, cracks, or breaks, especially through large-scale faulting; move apart.
a fragment of continental crust that rifted away from eastern Australia
Two new parish councillors were elected this year on promises made to heal the rift caused by the controversy.
Joseph Hanno's crime opened a rift in Mather's complex views about race, slavery, and Christianity: it put them in tension.
Eric Simons, the team coach, said categorically that no internal rift existed.
The regional preparatory meetings over the years revealed a fundamental rift in the alliance.
Recent City of Geraldton council debates and votes have exposed an apparently widening rift between councillors.
The rift between Washington and poor countries over this issue was threatening to derail next month's meeting of the World Trade Organization in Cancun, Mexico.
The controversial case has widened the rift between conservatives and progressives to the detriment of national unity.
The debate boils down to a growing philosophical rift in the industry.
He saw a rift opening and then he knew she was gone.
The meeting revealed a serious rift between them that may result in violence.