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rifleman / стрелок
имя существительное
shooter, gunner, shot, rifleman, gun, popper
имя существительное
a soldier armed with a rifle, especially a private in a rifle regiment.
Opinions began to alter during the wars of the mid-18th century and military riflemen appeared in most combatant nations' armies, albeit in small numbers.
a very small, short-tailed, greenish-yellow songbird that feeds on insects on tree bark, native to New Zealand.
In this area you may see the brown creeper, tomtit, robin, bellbird, rifleman , wood pigeon, falcon and kea.
It's the type of precision rifle you can shoot all day over a prairie dog town or snuggle down solidly in some sandbags and produce those little, bragging groups that warm the heart of any rifleman .
There appears to be a decline in numbers of great spotted kiwi, blue duck, kaka, rifleman , brown creeper and long tailed bat in the Grey and Maruia valleys, although there was minimal harvesting in these areas.
He was an infantry rifleman and spent 18 months there as a sniper.
The annual shooting match originated in 1890, when Adelaide politician and keen rifleman Alfred Simpson donated a custom made trophy and set up a fund to support the local military competition.
Whereas Twain on the warpath was a sharp shooting rifleman and Mencken laid about with the broadsword, Brooks's literary weapon is the tweezers.
The bush has abundant bird life, including the bellbird, tomtit, rifleman , wood pigeon and grey warbler.
Very friendly and good natured, Stronskiy is the type of man any serious rifleman would love to talk with.
Shooting far, really far, in the mountains at inanimate targets with safe backstops is challenging and downright fascinating, even to the most practiced rifleman .
The key advantage of the M203 / M16 combination was that you could fire the grenade and then function as a rifleman without having to take time to reload.
Two years and eight months later he would be a rifleman in an infantry platoon, being transported across the Pacific Ocean for the invasion of Japan.