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riffle / канавка, порог, стремнина
имя существительное
groove, slot, riffle, gutter, chase
threshold, doorstep, sill, step, riffle, lip
rapids, chute, rapid, shoot, riffle
образовывать пороги
быстро перелистывать
shuffle, make, riffle
имя существительное
a quick or casual leaf or search through something.
Faintly, though not frequently, a riffle of doubt perturbs Krugman's chipmunk paeans to the Clinton Age.
a rocky or shallow part of a stream or river with rough water.
In the Pacific Northwest, several species of Pacific salmon grow in the riffles of cold-flowing rivers far from the sea.
turn over something, especially the pages of a book, quickly and casually.
he riffled through the pages
Sampling reaches were selected to include riffle habitats with substrate composed primarily of cobble, gravel, and boulder.
The stream has now become nothing more than a sediment sluice with rock pools filled-in with sand and gravel, and former riffle reaches submerged in sediment.
Given their natural size advantage, salmon are competitively dominant and increase the proportion of trout occupying riffle habitat, whereas trout have little effect on habitat selection by salmon.
One minute you're in a sharp, spluttering, stony riffle , and then you're in a swift, frictionless, swirling run, or in a deep slow pool of long vowels and slow consonants.
Faintly, though not frequently, a riffle of doubt perturbs Krugman's chipmunk paeans to the Clinton Age.
just a riffle through the books
The channel morphology was characterized by alternating riffle , run, and pool segments that averaged 10-15 m in length.
A rainbow stud, resplendent in his best dress uniform, stakes out and defends his riffle against all invaders, threatening would-be rivals with vicious fin-to-fin combat.
We limited our selection of sites to approximately second to fourth order streams, and selected sites with naturally-occurring riffle zones having gravel-cobble-boulder substrate.
They added more than 20 riffle weirs, 15 post vanes, and 80,000 willows to slow water down, protect streambanks, increase habitat and raise the water table.