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riff-raff / сволочь, шваль, подонки общества
имя существительное
scum, riffraff, asshole, rabble, crud
подонки общества
underworld, riffraff, raff, scum, rag-tag, rag-tag and bobtail
имя прилагательное
worthless, raff, riffraff, fit for the wastepaper basket
worthless, wretched, poxy, trifling, riffraff, punk
имя существительное
disreputable or undesirable people.
I don't think they talk to riffraff off the street
There are hit men, murderers, philanderers, thieves, betrayers, and other assorted riff-raff .
The police are trying their best, but all they can do is make nightly raids on the underworld and round up Dusseldorf's riff-raff .
I'm so glad I'm an independent so that I don't have to be associated with the soiled riff-raff who actually have to win elections and govern in this country.
With the right clientele this is not a problem but if the management is only interested in keeping the tills ringing and letting any old riff-raff through the doors it is asking for trouble.
Kripal Singh told me that the government agencies had been creating many armed vigilante groups out of anti-social riff-raff , so as to infiltrate and neutralize genuine militant outfits.
Daemon seated himself as inconspicuously as possible while his shipmates mingled raucously with the riff-raff that populated the bar.
They let in all sorts of riff-raff here, don't they?
They were supposed to keep the nearby city's riff-raff out and the good, wholesome and hardworking college students like myself in.
That they happen to clean up a lot of the town's riff-raff is simply an added bonus.
While I think programs and materials for the gifted are fine and good, I worry about meetings like this in which the dominant sentiment is that the only way to educate the gifted is to remove them from the company of mere mortal riff-raff .