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riff / рифф
  • guitar riff - гитарный рифф
имя существительное
(in popular music and jazz) a short repeated phrase, frequently played over changing chords or harmonies or used as a background to a solo improvisation.
a brilliant guitar riff
play musical riffs.
the other horns would be riffing behind him
a brilliant guitar riff
Characterised by its undulating electronic bass riff it's one of the strongest tracks of the line-up.
Yet in this way, we immediately understand the initial discordant keyboard riff .
Longingly romantic " Live Line " is backed by a simple folk blues riff .
a brilliant guitar riff
Barely a track begins without an ominous drum roll, or a chugging monster riff .
Before long we get a nice piano riff and lots of ambient weirdness joining it.
You hear the opening riff to a song.
"Used to Think " takes its impetus from the guitars, utilising a stuttering riff reminiscent of the Who.
The ad needs a shot of adrenaline, a killer riff .