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rife / изобилующий, распространенный, обычный
имя прилагательное
full of, abounding, abundant, full, rife, rich
common, spread, prevalent, extended, accepted, rife
common, conventional, regular, normal, ordinary, rife
имя прилагательное
(especially of something undesirable or harmful) of common occurrence; widespread.
male chauvinism was rife in medicine in those days
in an unchecked or widespread manner.
speculation ran rife that he was an arms dealer
Rumours have been rife about the emotional health of the sensitive actress, who started in films at 14.
That speculation, which is rife in the tea-rooms of the House of Commons, is - in truth - way off the mark.
Spyware is rife and virus infection commonplace yet many home users reckon they are safe from online threats.
Speculation has run rife on all sorts of mad theories about who will get up in each state.
Disease is rife and diet related illnesses such as scurvy are evident everywhere.
There is no substance in the allegation that unlawful access of phone lines is rife or commonplace.
Rumours ran wild and rife but the band would not play together again until 1993.
Health standards declined, malnutrition spread, scabies was rife , and that summer there was a typhoid epidemic.
With identity theft so rife , it would be too easy for imposters to hack accounts.
It is commonly agreed that corruption and nepotism is rife within the court system.