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riding / для верховой езды, верховой
имя прилагательное
для верховой езды
riding, upstream
имя существительное
верховая езда
riding, equitation
дорога для верховой езды
имя существительное
the sport or activity of riding horses.
The resort is centrally located to many wineries and other attractions, such as golf, horseback riding , sport fishing and hiking.
one of three former administrative divisions of Yorkshire.
The worst were the East and West Ridings , Lincolnshire, Birmingham, Manchester and Staffordshire.
an electoral district of Canada.
The country is divided into districts or ridings electing one MP each.
sit on and control the movement of (an animal, especially a horse), typically as a recreation or sport.
Diana went to watch him ride his horse
be carried or supported by (something with a great deal of momentum).
a stream of young surfers fighting the elements to ride the waves
be full of or dominated by.
you must not think him ridden with angst
yield to (a blow) so as to reduce its impact.
Harrison drew back his jaw as if riding the blow
have sexual intercourse with.
The hotel's Gate Lodge Spa has massage and beauty treatments for men and women, and golf, falconry, clay pigeon shooting and horse riding is available nearby.
Most issues do not involve a clear choice between riding and party and it is not easy to determine majority opinion in a riding , even if its MP wanted to.
There are several sports which involve spinal risk, including horse riding and football, especially rugby union and league.
Other popular sports include horseback riding , hunting, and camel racing.
A TESTING 75-mile marathon on horseback is part of a showcase event from the sport of endurance riding set to take place in the Lake District this summer.
Thus, the school emphasized riding and sports to the detriment of analytical study.
She specialises in conveyancing, probate, wills and matrimonial work, and in her spare time enjoys skiing, sailing, riding , theatre and eating out.
Bike riding, skateboarding and horseback riding are all sports that require helmets.
Horseback riding was the only sport they were allowed.
Clumsy children may be encouraged to participate in sports such as swimming and horseback riding to help them experience some athletic success.