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rider / всадник, наездник, райдер
имя существительное
rider, horseman, knight, equestrian, cavalier, ride
rider, horseman, equestrian, ichneumon, ichneumon fly
имя существительное
a person who is riding or who can ride something, especially a horse, bicycle, motorcycle, or snowboard.
The shop provided saddles, boots, and other riding equipment for riders at south Florida racetracks.
a condition or proviso added to something already said or decreed.
one rider to the deal—if the hurricane heads north, we run for shelter
a small weight positioned on the beam of a balance for fine adjustment.
He is into motorbikes and is going to be a professional dirt bike rider .
As he intended, he is once again the best young rider in the race.
American Zabriskie had been the first rider to wear the yellow jersey this year but lost it in the team time-trial when he fell and sustained several injuries.
The riderless motorcycle also hit a red Rover 416, he added.
So if need be, yes, there could be a rider on their appropriation bill that no money should be expended by the FCC to administer the Powell rule.
a rider to an eligible life insurance policy
She suffered multiple injuries and died almost instantly when she was struck by Bacon's powerful Honda Fireblade machine, which flew riderless into the bus queue after he crashed while trying to overtake a right-turning car.
As a rider to this overview of the role of music in this story, however, I want to suggest an adjustment of perspective.
Once again, isn't it worth asking why these types of appropriation bill riders are allowed?
Let's not attach riders with our favorite untested opinions to our theses; it weakens our position.