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ride / ездить, ехать, кататься
ride, drive, go, travel, kick around
go, ride, drive, travel, fare
ride, go for a drive
имя существительное
trip, visit, ride, journey, tour, excursion
ride, driving, drive
stroll, tour, ride, promenade, jaunt, excursion
имя существительное
a journey made on horseback, on a bicycle or motorcycle, or in a vehicle.
did you enjoy your ride?
a roller coaster, merry-go-round, or other amusement ridden at a fair or amusement park.
His effort with a toupee was equally unsuccessful when a ride at the local amusement park caused his wig to come undone - hair-raising experience indeed!
an act of sexual intercourse.
a cymbal used for keeping up a continuous rhythm.
It suddenly takes an aggressive post-rock turn with the addition of a ride cymbal , drums, and scratching noises until poignant melody lines appear, played by what sounds like strings paired with woodwinds.
sit on and control the movement of (an animal, especially a horse), typically as a recreation or sport.
Diana went to watch him ride his horse
be carried or supported by (something with a great deal of momentum).
a stream of young surfers fighting the elements to ride the waves
be full of or dominated by.
you must not think him ridden with angst
yield to (a blow) so as to reduce its impact.
Harrison drew back his jaw as if riding the blow
have sexual intercourse with.