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ricochet / рикошет
имя существительное
ricochet, rebound
делать рикошет
бить рикошетом
ricochet, hit on the rebound
имя существительное
a shot or hit that rebounds one or more times off a surface.
Gunfights become remarkably tense, exciting affairs as you take cover in a crossfire of whistling ricochets .
(of a bullet, shell, or other projectile) rebound one or more times off a surface.
a bullet ricocheted off a nearby wall
The city would pay for the electricity, and ricochet would provide the pole-tops.
The reduced over-penetration and reduced ricochet characteristics of these rounds are nothing short of revolutionary.
The design of these things are to fire out of these things down at the ground, to ricochet them off the ground and to hit people in the legs to cause them to disperse.
From what Fai could see it looked as if James was trying to ricochet the ball against the wall and into a corner pocket.
They would satisfactorily bust a clay pipe or knock over a duck without the risk of ricochet .
I ricochet my eyes between her and Hubba Hubba Boy.
Having admitted the possibility of claims for psychiatric injury by such ricochet victims, the courts faced the problem of determining how wide the scope of liability should be drawn.
No, Galan patiently explained to the jury, it was universally used by police because it was safer to the public in terms of reduced ricochet and over-penetration.
One point of concern is that there are no ricochet effects, which is a little unusual when you consider the less than absorbent nature of the Plaza's interior.
Fights broke out Saturday and Sunday among about 100 Iraqis and drew several shotgun blasts, damaging several cars and a shop and leaving four people with minor ricochet wounds.