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rickshaw / рикша
имя существительное
rickshaw, ricksha, jinrickshaw, jinricksha
‘It is too expensive for us to travel by a taxi or a rickshaw and not all of the handicapped are affluent enough to afford their own car,’ he said.
The youths, who had followed them for some distance, got on to the rickshaw and beat the rickshaw-puller and Ms Prem Lata.
It looked like a mixture between a small car, a motorcycle, and a rickshaw .
Police quoted witnesses as saying the bomb, placed in a standing rickshaw and targeting a police van, was exploded by remote control, damaging both the van and the three-wheeler.
He makes detailed models of motorcycles, bicycles, rickshaws and pedicabs just by using small pieces of electrical wire.
Alongside late-model European, American and Japanese cars, one finds hand-pulled trolleys, horse-drawn trucks, bicycle carts and pedal-driven rickshaws .
Luxury cars jostle with bicycles and rickshaws at congested intersections.
Dual lane highways will carry everything from pedal rickshaws to articulated trucks in all forms of disrepair, some having major workshop overhauls in the middle of the road, where they broke down.
If the penalty points system was introduced it would wipe out 99 per cent of all traffic and all you would have left would be bicycles and rickshaws .
Cars and autos, cycles and rickshaws , scooters and even huge four-wheel vehicles squirm their way through the shrinking lanes.