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rick / стог, скирда, растяжение
имя существительное
stack, rick, mow, cock
stack, mow, rick, shock
tension, extension, expansion, dilation, dilatation, rick
складывать в стог
stack, rick
stretch, stretch out, pull, expand, extend, rick
имя существительное
a stack of hay, corn, straw, or similar material, especially one built into a regular shape and thatched.
Our first night on the march, the General and his staff all climbed into a straw rick and passed a restful, if short, night.
a slight sprain or strain, especially in a person's neck or back.
form into rick or ricks; stack.
the nine cords of good spruce wood ricked up in the back yard
strain (one's neck or back) slightly.
They have met seven times in all and, so far, Federer has only managed to win once - and that was when Henman had ricked his neck and had to pull out after a set.
The rattle of empty bottles into a wooden crate, awoke me, and I noticed that every man was in great humour, the rick was being combed down by two men with long handled rakes.
The thresher was due in one hour, and a base, known as a ‘butt’ had to be made for the rick of straw.
the screen tilter lets you play the game flat without developing a permanent rick in your neck
Webster defines a rick simply as a pile, and truck sizes obviously vary tremendously, so it is very important that you get all of this straight with the seller before agreeing on a price; there is much room for misunderstanding.
Church bells came in handy also when I worked in the meadow as a lad, holding my pike and walking around it in circles while the men pitched the hay at my feet and the rick of golden threads steadily rose to its conical fullness.
Our first night on the march, the General and his staff all climbed into a straw rick and passed a restful, if short, night.
A few hens, questing for food under a rick , stole away under a gate at her approach.
Flintoff, handed the captaincy when Warren Hegg woke up with a ricked neck, said: ‘Cricket is a great leveller.’
When the side was in the Caribbean, Vaughan and Marcus Trescothick were the men in possession and had Vaughan not ricked a knee in the Lord's nets three days before the first Test of the summer, they might still be now.
When Glenn McGrath ricked his ankle while stepping on a stray cherry in Australia's pre-match warm-up, the façade of fear that had been erected during the Lord's debacle was torn down in an instant.