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richly / богато, роскошно, вполне
richly, prodigally, luxuriantly
luxuriously, sumptuously, deluxe, richly, high, de luxe
quite, completely, well, fully, perfectly, richly
in an elaborate, generous, or plentiful way.
she was richly dressed in the height of fashion
This was a richly deserved commendation and Helen can be proud of her performance.
But is that service receiving the recognition it so richly deserves?
In his final years, some time was spent modestly accepting the plaudits he richly deserved.
This is a year in which the qualities of steadiness, patience, loyalty and bravery will be richly rewarded.
The two richly dressed infants have brought their pets, as bright-eyed as themselves, with them.
Indisputably, India was the most balanced of the eight teams on view and richly deserved the triumph.
Her work in Vera Drake is so fully rounded, richly detailed and emotionally devastating that there really is no competition.
His suffering at her hands would have been unbearable had he not so richly deserved it for his crass stupidity and snobbishness.
You also received profuse apologies, which you richly deserved.
This is a world that is entirely believable with a set of characters and relationships that are complex and richly developed.