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ribcage / грудная клетка
грудная клетка
имя существительное
the bony frame formed by the ribs around the chest.
My heart beat a little harder against my ribcage and I found it a little harder to swallow.
He could feel the stinging pain in his wounded chest with every rise and fall of his ribcage .
Sitting in it is a two-foot high rubber skeleton, its skull slumped forward onto its ribcage .
In monkeys, the shoulder blades are on the sides of the ribcage , the way they are in dogs.
There was a huge gash on the side of her ribcage that extended half-way across her chest.
My instincts are sharp and I easily catch it before it rams into my ribcage .
Pull your tailbone underneath you and your ribcage up away from your hips, elongating your spine.
He didn't need a stethoscope to hear my heart clamoring against my ribcage .
The neat, putty-coloured ribbing of the pectoral muscles forms two perfect wings over the ribcage .
He had dislocated a cervical vertebra and torn a cartilage in his lower ribcage , and was ordered by his doctors not to train, let alone compete.