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ribbon / лента, ленточка, орденская лента
имя существительное
tape, ribbon, band, strip, sash, fillet
орденская лента
sash, ribbon, cordon, riband
имя прилагательное
band, ribbon, riband
украшать лентами
имя существительное
a long, narrow strip of fabric, used especially for tying something or for decoration.
the tiny pink ribbons in her hair
a long, narrow strip of something.
slice the peppers into ribbons lengthwise
extend or move in a long narrow strip like a ribbon.
miles of concrete ribboned behind the bus
With the proliferation of medals and ribbons for this and that, the time has arrived for the Combat Tanker Badge.
She constructed additional storage compartments from boxes wrapped in fabrics and ribbons .
On the bridge a Leading Stoker spotted his WWII Medal ribbons and said: ‘You must have been a CO of a battalion during the war, sir’?
Drive south from San Francisco, along the black ribbon of Route 1 as it hugs the northern coast of California.
That creates black borders at top and bottom and a narrow ribbon of picture across the middle of your TV screen.
There was a time when police officers looked smart, were uniform in appearance, had somewhere to display their medal ribbons , and all without detriment to comfort or personal protection.
Northern lights are ribbons of different colored lights that streak across the sky.
There were times, she would go to the mountain, and undo the tiny ribbons and loosen the braids, and run her fingers through her hair and let it be one with the wind.
They are studded with stones and plastic gems, also sometimes with ribbons and glittering fabric paints to enhance the look.
Boyle, who appeared onstage to present an award, caused the biggest stir of the night with her outfit: an outrageous pink tutu accented by ribbons wrapped around her calves.