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ribbing / ребра, ребристость, укрепление ребрами
имя существительное
ribbing, slats
укрепление ребрами
имя существительное
a riblike structure or pattern, especially a band of knitting in rib.
Not much can be done to such a basic garment, but the tank top has been brought up to date with some nifty detailing - exposed seaming, Argyle patterns, heavy ribbing .
good-natured teasing.
There was good-natured ribbing while the teams walked quietly through the night to their tents.
mark with or form into raised bands or ridges.
the road ahead was ribbed with furrows of slush
tease good-naturedly.
the first time I appeared in the outfit I was ribbed mercilessly
Such an explanation does not account for the distinctive ontogeny of interpositum, or for the absence of the improbable shell form which associates very thin and dense ribbing with globose general shape.
Mild ribbing was all right, hell it was usually very funny, but once again Chris was going to extremes and was being downright nasty.
By contrast, shells with small lateral tubercles develop slender and dense ribbing , which induces a flat whorl section with maximum thickness located near the umbilical shoulder.
Larry shouted back cordially, having taken Robby's genuine insult as mere good-natured ribbing .
In these models, formation of a linear ornament requires pigmentation or ribbing to be connected with previously existing pigment or ribs on the shell margin.
a fleecy sweatshirt with ribbing at neck, cuffs, and hem
I took a lot of ribbing after Bradford won the first game because my family and friends are City fans.
In Trajana, the varix is formed by an outer lip that expands and curls over toward the aperture, bringing the external ribbing over onto the apertural face of the varix.
You definitely get some ribbing , especially if you're playing well.
I can hear their voices so vividly, feel their playful arms slung around my neck, hear the ribbing and the berating I got for being a virgin soldier.