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ribbed / ребристый, рифленый, в рубчик
имя прилагательное
ribbed, ribby, jugate
fluted, corrugated, ribbed, wavy
в рубчик
ribbed, ribby
имя прилагательное
(especially of a fabric or garment) having a pattern of raised bands.
a ribbed cashmere sweater
mark with or form into raised bands or ridges.
the road ahead was ribbed with furrows of slush
tease good-naturedly.
the first time I appeared in the outfit I was ribbed mercilessly
She continued the theme to the end with her gold velvet belle époque bustier ribbed dress, combining the English theme and modern low-stress dressing with great aplomb.
Special feminine ribbed vests are also available in pale pink and white.
Made from polyamide, wool and mohair, this classic black cardigan features a ribbed neckline and subtle zipper closure.
High-school student Sarah Porchetta, 14, wears a Gap black ribbed turtleneck with checkered pants from Mariposa and Fila trainers.
The new building resembled a mediaeval cathedral with its pointed arches, ribbed vaulting and flying buttresses.
So if you have an old fur piece kicking about, pop it on over a tweed skirt teamed with ribbed tights and court shoes.
She is wearing white ribbed pantyhose, laced brown ankle boots.
My mom dropped the knee-high argyles, and picked up some plain, gray ribbed socks.
Made from 100% cotton, this classic turtleneck is all brown and features a ribbed neckline and trimmed hemline.
She is wearing a black ribbed tank top, gray shorts, sandals and brown-tinted sunglasses.