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ribaldry / сквернословие, грубость, непристойность
имя существительное
foul language, ribaldry, filth, bawdy, blackguardism, ordure
coarseness, rudeness, roughness, crudity, harshness, ribaldry
obscenity, indecency, smut, bawdiness, immodesty, ribaldry
имя существительное
ribald talk or behavior.
Auntie (a strong Anne Collins) and her nieces (Ailish Tynan and Helen Williams) injected rather too much ribaldry and suggestiveness into the proceedings; surely this community is rather buttoned up and not so free?
Sure, workplace ribaldry or unwanted sexual advances directed at women may sometimes be motivated by a desire to put women ‘in their place’ - to humiliate them, terrorize them, even force them to quit.
But for the most part, the second half of All the World's a Stage put aside serious concerns in favor of laughter and ribaldry , and showcased the intelligence and heart of Shakespeare Behind Bars veteran Jerry Guenthner.
Neither he nor any of his staff - Italians from every area of the country - had ever seen anything like it, but after much lewd ribaldry we sliced a small piece off the end.
To encapsulate his humanitarianism in this immensely accessible ribaldry is a triumph of serious intention within comic means.
Men with implausible whiskers and killer breath traded ribaldry and cursed the niggardliness of non-buyers, while women doled out penny dainties to raggedy kids and cackled about their menfolk's amorous shortcomings.
In his desire to flesh out the documentary bones, Mr Phillips is inclined to make statements such as: ‘Groups of friends conversed; young males sought the attention of young females with varying degrees of ribaldry .’
McCall Smith's feelings towards his characters - whether they be contempt, pity, affection, sympathy or admiration - are written with light-hearted, teasing humour, and moments of ribaldry .
Surprisingly, for all his sex farce foolishness and ridiculous ribaldry , Benny Hill knew what was funny.
Anna is admitted to this strange, all male sexual ribaldry that goes on in the programming department of SII.
the buffoonery and ribaldry in Shakespeare's comedies