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rhythm / ритм, ритмичность, размер
имя существительное
rhythm, beat, tempo, cadence, pulse, swing
size, rate, scale, extent, dimension, rhythm
имя существительное
a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound.
Ruth listened to the rhythm of his breathing
I was drawn deeper into sleep as I listened to Mother's sweet song with the natural beat and rhythm of the sea accompanying her.
The second movement, in triple rhythm , is Copland ‘big shoulder’ music trimmed to the chamber ensemble.
It took him awhile to get back to sleep, but finally he did, and I watched him, listening to the strong rhythm of his heart.
they've got no rhythm
I would sail away to fantastic places that existed only in the deep recesses of my mind and describe them in verse heavy with rhythm .
The sound of your environment is essential to your overall well-being since it impacts the frequency of your body, your own natural rhythm .
His attempt to define effective prose rhythm technically is one of the most curious and interesting parts of his preface.
No little heart has beat so strong a rhythm into us.
the rhythm, pattern, and cadence of words
Ruth listened to the rhythm of his breathing