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rhyme / рифма, поэзия, рифмованный стих
имя существительное
rhyme, rime, crambo
poetry, verse, poesy, rhyme, rime, strain
рифмованный стих
rhyme, rime
писать рифмованные стихи
rhyme, rime
имя существительное
correspondence of sound between words or the endings of words, especially when these are used at the ends of lines of poetry.
The whole text, containing 114 chapters or surahs, with a total of 6,236 verses, thus has a lattice structure which connects every word with every other word by rhythm, rhyme and meaning.
(of a word, syllable, or line) have or end with a sound that corresponds to another.
balloon rhymes with moon
Go to a poetry recital and ask why the poems don't rhyme .
Frontman Win Butler's lyrics rarely bother to rhyme , allowing their bizarre but always sincere sentiments to reach the ear even more directly.
poetic features such as rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration
He also liked to write in verse, often setting his exam questions in rhyme .
The final tasks included matching of beginning sounds and ending sounds, awareness of rhyme , and phoneme deletion.
The girls took part in a six-week writing course run by writer and editor Harriet Sharkey and then compiled a series of short stories about savage murders, rap competitions, diving adventures, teachers speaking in rhyme and even pet pigs.
After Freud and Einstein unleashed their discoveries, the novel retreated from narrative, poetry retreated from rhyme , and art retreated from the representational into the abstract.
For most kids, as for most adults, poetry means rhyme .
Sometime between 1 and 2pm on April 24, we would come along and one of the criers would do a cry about that person's business in rhyme .
The Arts Festival does not float my boat, as I only read non-fiction, I only watch television or films based on a true story, and I only like paintings of ships, sculptures of patriots, and poems that rhyme .