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rhomb / ромб
имя существительное
rhombus, diamond, lozenge, rhomb, brill
имя существительное
a rhombohedral crystal.
The interlocking, euhedral, rhombs of dolomite have an idiotopic texture.
This emblem was like vertical rhomb or diamond with a horizontal line in the middle, or two triangles joined together.
If you break a large piece of crystalline calcite, you are left with a regular, six-sided chunk of the mineral - a rhomb - which treats light in a peculiar way.
The unusual thecal plating, rhomb structure, and ambulacral organization - standard criteria for distinguishing rhombiferans - justify the recognition of a new genus.
Only Lonnrot apprehends that the design of the plot is actually a rhomb .
The basin is widely considered to be a classic example of a rhomb graben, although a firm consensus about the timing, direction and amount of strikeslip movement has yet to be reached.
The indistinct boundaries between these dolomite rhombs and the calcite suggests that the latter has been partially dolomitized.
Each of the vertex stars will appear infinitely often in any Penrose tiling, with the ratio of thick to thin rhombs at 1.618:1, the ‘golden ratio’ which has been considered beautiful in mathematics since ancient times.
Fold each piece into a rhombic unit as shown below.
In places pyrite framboids and polyhedra occur associated with the ferroan dolomite rhombs , the latter aligned as they would have been within the original calcite.
The first two vertex stars are made by using five of the thick rhombs , with the black vertices on the inside in the first set and on the outside in the second.