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rhetorician / ритор, краснобай
имя существительное
rhetorician, rhetor
rhetorician, rhetor, speechifier, rhapsodist
имя существительное
an expert in formal rhetoric.
Olson, Richard McKeon, and Ronald Crane put hundreds of graduate students at least on speaking terms with classical rhetoric, and rhetoricians were active in the Hutchins college as well.
To the extent that Hoppin influenced Robinson, he would have accorded classical rhetoric primary importance and singled out Quintilian as the rhetorician deserving the highest praise.
Hence the rhetorician who wants to persuade by arguments or proofs can adapt most of the dialectical equipment.
A rhetorician could note figures and tropes throughout the play.
It's plain silly to compartmentalize the disciplines, as if a botanist couldn't talk to an economist, a geologist to a rhetorician , or N. A. Chomsky to G. W. Bush.
Again, the image-based rhetorician has a competitive advantage over the concept-based rhetorician : imagery produces superior memory for verbal material.
From a critical perspective, Juanita's awareness that her work could be ‘dismissed as bogus’ because of particular language choices is an important factor in her development as a rhetorician .
The moralizing is given all the force which an accomplished rhetorician can provide and is enlivened by anecdote, hyperbole, and vigorous denunciation.
Coupland the slaphappy rhetorician , drunk on throwaway tropes and instant epigrams, puts Coupland the pop sociologist in the shade.
Campbell's manner is refined and thoughtful; he is not a forceful lecturer, but a measured and methodical rhetorician .
they're ready to listen to any smooth-tongued rhetorician