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rhetorical / риторический, высокопарный
имя прилагательное
rhetorical, rhetoric, oratorical, periodic
stilted, bombastic, grandiloquent, pompous, sonorous, rhetorical
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or concerned with the art of rhetoric.
repetition is a common rhetorical device
Once a commentator commits a major rhetorical gaffe or colossal misstatement of fact, it becomes impossible to take them seriously.
The article is almost purely rhetorical , with virtually nothing of substance offered in terms of legal arguments.
In the second phase it will be necessary to be practical as well as rhetorical , to persuade as well as instruct.
Perhaps in the end, the equal opportunity principle is a matter of rhetorical commitment more than practical credo.
But one has to be aware of the rhetorical value that these terms are going to have.
It was a statement, a rhetorical question, and just by looking at her he was sure that it had made her angry.
Adding to the list of rhetorical questions, why did the teenage daughter have such low standards for her boyfriend?
But, since the Doctor's question was obviously rhetorical , I'm willing to let it slide.
She can only be answered with more rhetorical questions.
This, she shows, is a rhetorical device, with no implication that the dead can actually communicate.