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rheostat / реостат
имя существительное
имя существительное
an electrical instrument used to control a current by varying the resistance.
She learned how to bend neon tubing into shapes and how to connect electrical circuits and insert rheostats and timers to provide special visual effects.
Perhaps a built-in rheostat could be a nice addition in a future revision.
And the by-wire throttle is not what we'd call micrometer-precise; it's much more an on/off switch than a rheostat .
Liam recommends using a 15 watt bulb, mounted on the ceiling and connected through a rheostat , for making flash exposures, but in his correspondence with me has also noted that he had to recalibrate flash times when he changed bulbs.
The light started to brighten as if turned by a rheostat .
The 80 mm fan is controlled either automatically based on your BIOS settings, or manually via a rheostat control on the rear of the unit.
If your bathroom is bright, consider installing a rheostat (dimmer switch) or washing up by the light of a night light.
An ideal situation would be a very bright bulb attached to a rheostat , so that the desired illumination level could be chosen as required.
The control panel consists of a sensitivity rheostat switch, an annunciator light, which also functions as a mute button to turn off the audible warning, and a green power-on light.
Turn mixture to OFF and manual generator voltage switch rheostat to NORMAL.
Our maintainers determined recent rain, combined with chafed insulation on the wiring behind the formation-lights rheostat , had created a short circuit.