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rhapsody / рапсодия, восторженная речь, напыщенная речь
имя существительное
восторженная речь
напыщенная речь
rant, rhapsody
имя существительное
an effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling.
rhapsodies of praise
(in ancient Greece) an epic poem, or part of it, of a suitable length for recitation at one time.
Write a cycle of business poems - a rhapsody to measurable results.
Curtis captures the angst of first love, the rhapsody of a first kiss and the intricacy of families.
The strange songs he would sing during his morning shower were a constant source of bemusement to all who had the luxury of hearing his rhapsody .
Wider success came with the orchestral rhapsody España, composed after a visit to Spain in 1882, which remains his best-known work.
His language might at times ascend to rhapsody , yet his was an uncommonly practical approach - radical in the sense of attacking the preeminent social problem at its root, but basically conservative as to method.
A rhapsody of intricate plots emerges and, with luck, hilarity ensues.
The ethos has little in common with that of science fiction; rather, it's a rhapsody on the miraculous benefits the Victorians were expecting their harnessing of electricity to bring to them.
Elsewhere, a rhapsody about Roughgarden's own experience as an embryo turns gushingly cosmic.
Kuerten sends the Parisian crowd into rhapsody by winning the longest rally of the match with a thrilling forehand pass.
And he is not likely to be reassured by the rhapsody in which George identifies the blessings of a triumphant single tax with ‘the city of God on earth, with its walls of jasper and its gates of pearl!’
A few notes from the rhapsody of praise composed in his honour in his lifetime should be enough to whet new curiosity.