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rewrite / перезапись, переработанный текст
имя существительное
rewrite, recirculation
переработанный текст
rewrite, overwrite, copy, transcribe, write out, type
alter, rework, remake, remodel, redo, rewrite
rewrite, overwork
write (something) again so as to alter or improve it.
the songs may have to be rewritten
имя существительное
an instance of writing something again so as to alter or improve it.
So today I give you the bare essentials: no rewrites , no revisions, and pretty much no forethought.
By the final chapter, you realise you've been reading a crazy rewrite of The Maltese Falcon.
Necropolis Awakened needed a rewrite and a recasting to work as something special.
Each person writes a piece, and then they pass it on and then next person rewrites it and then passes on their rewrite and the next person rewrites that.
This Seventh Edition represents a complete rewrite of the previous edition culled from suggestions made by students and colleagues in academia and industry.
It looks like it was a simple rewrite of the Sunday Times piece though, so we're still only getting the story from one side.
It's a rewrite but the sensibility is all present and correct.
The coordinating committee at that time predicted that the next revision would be a rewrite in 1997-8, so a new version is overdue.
But almost all of the goals of the final rewrite on a book like this are practical ones.
As you can see, this chapter was a MAJOR rewrite .
The manual could use a through rewrite , reorganization, and editing to make the English understandable, but who reads the manual anyway?