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reword / повторять, менять формулировку, выражать другими словами
repeat, reiterate, replicate, iterate, rehearse, reword
менять формулировку
выражать другими словами
reward, reword
put (something) into different words.
there is a sound reason for rewording that clause
Researchers using Likert scales reword items to identify yeasayers and naysayers.
If I was rewriting, I would reword the post differently to make this clear.
Let me reword my question: assume a commitment has been made to putting TV show titles in quotes…
I did reword it a bit, see if you can tell where my creative genius improved the story, ok?
Now, let's reword the sentence from the above mentioned story.
You might still want to reword the material if the context is different enough to justify such alterations, but there's no ethical obligation to do so.
Same story and everything, just reword it and stuff so it sounds more like this chapter, which I find myself liking a lot.
If you do not get the information you are looking for, reword your search.
A major international news organisation is not supposed to simply reword press releases from the guilty.
After rewording the question to ask if the intimacy of the record is lost on the stage, Adam responds a little more earnestly.