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revolve / вращаться, вращать, вертеться
rotate, revolve, turn, turn around, run, move
rotate, revolve, turn, roll, slew, rev
twirl, turn, spin, pivot, revolve, rotate
move in a circle on a central axis.
overhead, the fan revolved slowly
Instantly, a three-dimensional image sprung up from the page and started to revolve slowly on the spot.
Its symphonic narrative revolves six characters through six ages of man - from the 19th century to distant millennia - then brings them full circle as each one completes their interrupted history.
The old Ptolemaic view that the Earth stood still, and that all the planets, stars, and the Moon and Sun, revolved about the Earth, provides us with very complex views of the paths of those bodies.
Imagine a fly walking across a man's head as the man strolls down the aisle of a speeding train as the earth revolves on its axis and circles round the sun in a rapidly expanding universe.
Size reduction is achieved by fixed or swinging beater arms revolving at speed within a chamber.
The world is seen as a giant clod around which the heavens revolve about a polar axis.
Alain looked back at the lamp now revolving in a slow circle and casting a focused light far and deep across the seas.
He writes a tidbit/gossip column and the source for most of it revolves happenings with the International Broadcast Centre, NBC or Channel 7.
For a while, an important corporate worldview revolved around quality.
He would be revolving in his grave if he knew about Monster Tajima!