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revolutionary / революционный, вращающийся, поворачивающийся
имя прилагательное
rotating, rotational, revolving, swivel, turning, revolutionary
имя существительное
revolutionary, revolutionist
имя прилагательное
engaged in or promoting political revolution.
the revolutionary army
имя существительное
a person who works for or engages in political revolution.
They would act like any revolutionary vanguard, as Lenin or indeed the French revolutionaries had imagined.
Later, after the move to London, the revolutionary changes in publishing technology, there was no longer any such cause.
He became a revolutionary socialist when he was a young journalist working on Scotland's Daily Record.
Even revolutionary politics may be articulated in terms of constitutional categories.
Calle San Sebastian still heaves, though the revolutionary fervour seems to have evaporated.
Through a revolutionary computer mock-up of the development potential tenants can now take a virtual tour of the building.
Two hundred years ago, revolutionary fervour burnt this church to the ground.
Epidemic smallpox surfaced first in Boston, that hotbed of revolutionary fervor.
By focusing on the superficial, they missed what is truly revolutionary about the game.
Brion was by no means the only pundit predicting some form of revolutionary upheaval.
And they had a more revolutionary idea: They might help patients recover from relapses once they happened.