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revolt / восстание, бунт, мятеж
имя существительное
insurrection, uprising, rebellion, revolt, rising, mutiny
revolt, rebellion, riot, mutiny, insurrection
rebellion, mutiny, revolt, insurgency, insurrection, riot
rebel, rise, revolt, arise, rise in revolt, uprise
resist, oppose, counter, buck, stand against, revolt
чувствовать отвращение
loathe, be disgusted, recoil, sicken, nauseate, revolt
имя существительное
an attempt to put an end to the authority of a person or body by rebelling.
a countrywide revolt against the central government
rise in rebellion.
the insurgents revolted and had to be suppressed
cause to feel disgust.
he was revolted by the stench that greeted him
Trudeau, who at age 40 still lived with his mother, emanated an attractive temptation to revolt against custom, to fight the status quo.
On July 23rd 1952, Nasser helped to organise a revolt against the Royal Family and King Farouk was overthrown after a few days of bloodless rebellion.
the peasants rose in revolt
A proper review of the Sun's position would extend back months before April 1993, when the tax revolt blossomed into a two smallish demonstrations.
voters may revolt when they realize the cost of the measures
Now the clubs in Zimbabwe have started to revolt against the power of the ZCU and their costly rebranding.
Traditionally, spies revolt against Labour governments because they fear the party is made up of unpatriotic reds.
The gas revolt is the second wave of protest to rock Bolivia this year.
a revolt over tax increases
The area, a focus for the Kurdish revolt against Ankara, is in a military state of emergency.