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revoke / аннулировать, отменять, брать назад
cancel, annul, void, revoke, nullify, abrogate
cancel, revoke, override, abolish, abrogate, repeal
брать назад
withdraw, retract, revoke, call back, deny, draw back
put an end to the validity or operation of (a decree, decision, or promise).
the men appealed and the sentence was revoked
(in bridge, whist, and other card games) fail to follow suit despite being able to do so.
A revoke counts the same as at Short Whist, but the exposed hand cannot revoke .
A revoke counts the same as at Short Whist, but the exposed hand cannot revoke .
Since cards are added to one's hand during the course of the game, it is possible that a player may revoke by either playing a trump card to take a trick, when one's hand had a legal play, or play an off suit when a legal card was in one's hand.
His Honour further concluded that Herstatt's bankruptcy did not revoke Chase's mandate to receive funds on its behalf.
Stores given permission to sell fireworks all year will need a licence which local authorities will be able to refuse and revoke if necessary.
I said nothing, just nodded my head before I said anything to go back on or revoke my promise, so carefully and so brashly made.
There is also a warning that tax authorities will not be able to revoke already signed deals.
The challenge there was to a refusal to exercise a discretion to revoke the deportation order, which decision is premised on the validity of the deportation order.
This in turn gave the Catholic monarchs an excuse to revoke their promises.
If they are a British citizen we would have to accept that as the price for having a high standard of proof, but if they are a visitor - with a revocable claim to be here - we should be able to revoke that claim.
He claimed that some of the machines stopped recording votes in favour of revoking the president's mandate once a certain ceiling had been reached.