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revivify / возрождать к жизни, реактивировать
возрождать к жизни
reactivate, revivify
give new life or vigor to.
they revivified a wine industry that had all but vanished
But basically, I want the American literary genius to reshape and revivify the American political genius.
Enveloped in duende, the nihilism of Levis's poetry negated beliefs and consolations, but it did so to revivify our humanity and refresh the abilities of poetry.
The fluent prose poems of Donna Stonecipher's The Reservoir also try to revivify autobiography: Stonecipher, however, enjoys explaining and elaborating almost as much as Greenfield enjoys leaving bits out.
I suppose I aim to revivify imagination in my own way.
‘It's my impression that the language of music has always been revivified and expanded by the theatre,’ he says.
Dr Allawi cannot and does not claim credit for the democratic revivification of his country.
The drink of Beam had revivified the old man, and he might be discussing the future of the motel with her.
Yet the advent of a swimming mishap, a recession, a war, a tsunami or a bout of pancreatitis can sometimes be the stuff of which revivifications are made.
Other areas of the city which have suffered during the demise of Glasgow's heavy industries have been revivified .
Most frequently to be seen in press conference post-mortems after the opposition's corpse has been miraculously revivified when it should have been ‘put away’.