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revive / возрождать, оживлять, оживать
revive, restore, regenerate, renew, reconstitute, re-edify
animate, enliven, revive, quicken, brisk, revitalize
come to life, revive, resuscitate, quicken
restore to life or consciousness.
both men collapsed, but were revived
After several times of shocking him until he passed out it took more than a couple of buckets of cold water to revive him.
MFI has been struggling to revive sales and its shares have fallen more than 40% over the past year.
A bill to revive trade on prewar conditions between Britain and France was defeated in Parliament.
she was beginning to revive from her faint
Now the only way to fix the wells is to dive straight in, down 60 feet, to find the water they need to revive their parched and dying fields.
A terrier dog was also brought out of the house but efforts to revive it with artificial resuscitation failed.
When the petals drop it takes watering consistency to revive the next batch of blooms.
Today, we desperately need to revive interest in and respect for the environment.
As soon as Jim was out of the shower, Blair went in, letting the hot water revive tired muscles.
Tea and refreshments will be served to revive the shoppers.