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revivalism / учение 'возрожденцев'
имя существительное
учение 'возрожденцев'
имя существительное
belief in or the promotion of a revival of religious fervor.
The first of early Crusades were part of a religious revivalism .
Based on preliminary ethnographic research in five Javanese communities with major Hindu temples, I explore the political history and social dynamics of Hindu revivalism .
The most remarkable thing about Kenna's shameless new wave revivalism is that Fred Durst likes it - enough to take Kenna aboard his inappropriately named Flawless imprint, anyway.
The beauty revivalism of the 1990s often expressed dissatisfaction with the priority postmodern discourse placed on the social and symbolic regulation of the subject.
Its doctrines were those of evangelical revivalism : sin, conversion, justification by faith, hell, and heaven.
Seventies revivalism
Similarly it is hard to believe that such writers as Richards and Pevsner would revert to pure revivalism , having both written with considerable authority of Modernism's specific place in a historical context.
Is there a reason for obsessively photographing and transmuting photographs, other than to offer them as mere aesthetic delectation in an attitude or revivalism that aligns these pictures with the tradition of the archaic in modern art?
Sean Griffiths, Charles Holland and Sam Jacob of Fat have had a huge amount of fun dancing around the edges of architecture and public art, promoting their brand of postmodern revivalism .
French rococo revivalism
When charismatic revivalism reaches as far and wide as the Coptic church in Ethiopia, the Catholic church in India, and the Orthodox church in Romania, then we can confidently say that the phenomenon is a global Christian one.