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revival / возрождение, оживление, восстановление
имя существительное
revival, rebirth, resurgence, renaissance, regeneration, renewal
liveliness, revival, animation, rally, life, resuscitation
reduction, recovery, restoration, reconstruction, rehabilitation, revival
имя существительное
an improvement in the condition or strength of something.
a revival in the fortunes of the party
Suchet leads an all-star cast in a revival of Terence Rattigan's Man and Boy.
The religious revival in modern Islam is a reflection of the pace of social and technological change in the Muslim world, particularly the disruptive effects of a rapid increase in urbanization.
And for those of us with long memories of mincing, saccharine productions, this revival is an eye opener.
In contrast with the other southern cities in revolt, Toulon saw a revival of religious activity under municipal auspices.
A young student in 1984, he maintains Blue Star and the massacres after Indira Gandhi's assassination created a religious revival among British Sikhs.
Even today, you still spend three days brain-dead before revival .
If he plays like that every time he is captain, we are in for a revival of England football fortunes.
On ‘Blues for the Lowlands’ Terry and McGhee show why they became so popular during the folk revival of the 50s.
Yet it might provide the foundation for a revival in Tory fortunes.
The Kurds, for example, are staging a cultural and linguistic revival .