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revisionism / ревизионизм
имя существительное
имя существительное
a policy of revision or modification, especially of Marxism on evolutionary socialist (rather than revolutionary) or pluralist principles.
It makes one wonder how much of the speech is true and how much is false, based on Stalin's tendency toward revisionism of his revolutionary biography.
The goal was not only political but social revisionism , revision of the tyranny of big industry, big cities, big unions, big banks; and at the same time a revision of Versailles.
Historical revisionism is certainly problematic anywhere.
reconsideration of such figures is not just an attempt at revisionism
Indeed, Brogan seems to have assembled such critical literature into something of a straw man, and consequently her revisionism must lose some of its ‘revolutionary’ footing.
The ICFI was founded in 1953 to defend orthodox Trotskyism against the revisionism of Michel Pablo.
That draft limited itself to a description of revisionism in our party and Pablo's support of the revisionists, with an appeal for the aid of world orthodox Trotskyism in our fight.
It is an economic imperative that Adam Smith was well aware of 200 years ago, and, despite neo-conservative revisionism , was in favour of governments controlling in the best interests of their citizens.
Ethnic hate speech is not illegal, nor is Holocaust revisionism .
The role of revisionism as a direct prop for imperialism was out in the open.
To fight Stalinism and Castroism is to politically destroy revisionism .