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revision / пересмотр, ревизия, доработка
имя существительное
revision, review, rethink, reconsideration, overhaul, reappraisal
audit, revision, checkup, reassessment
revision, rework
имя существительное
the action of revising.
the plan needs drastic revision
And after weeks of study and revision they all agreed their results were worth the effort.
I've had my head down on the book all day, racing through the new revision .
Reference works, like guide books, need constant revision and sometimes replacement.
With the latest price revision last week, the price now stands at Rs 33.88 per litre.
The teacher read and edited each story and returned it to the student for revision .
Exhibitors have opposed any revision of the business norms in the film industry.
Now is not the right time to discuss the repeal or revision of the National Security Law.
The two community councils are currently seeking majority support for a speed limit revision .
Since modern policing began at the end of the 19th century, it has been subject to constant revision .
the scheme needs drastic revision