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revet / облицовывать, выкладывать камнем
veneer, revet, coat, brick, face, line
выкладывать камнем
face (a rampart, wall, etc.) with masonry, especially in fortification.
sandbagged and revetted trenches
Archaeological evidence seems to indicate that a quayside revetted in timber existed from the Middle Saxon period.
It is in very good condition with a round cairn 8 m. in diameter revetted by a kerb of coarse walling, and a partially infilled chamber.
Atkinson's trenches across the upper ledges make it clear that they had been revetted by posts with iron nails; a coin and pottery suggested a date soon after 1010 AD, and Atkinson believed the mound had been fortified against the Danes.
Was the first gneiss facade or the marble spoil wall revetted with stucco?
The revetted fosse was on the map and if that had been twigged at the environmental impact assessment it would have saved a lot of grief.
Bligh felt bemused, standing in this trench with its perfectly revetted walls and neat dug-out bunkers.
The chaste but imposing exterior is revetted with a grid of limestone slabs and punctuated by broad wooden doors.
The garden level is about seven feet above that of the track; it ends, therefore, in a revetted wall and bank, the latter alive with daffodils and crocus, round which the drive coils up towards the house.
Small postholes containing iron nails, early medieval potsherds and a silver coin of Ethelred II dating to 1010 suggested that the terraces had been revetted by posts.