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revert / возвращаться, повернуть назад
return, come back, go back, get back, revert, be back
повернуть назад
turn back, revert, turn bridle
return to (a previous state, condition, practice, etc.).
he reverted to his native language
имя существительное
a person who has converted to the Islamic faith.
it is impossible that a fishlike mammal will actually revert to being a true fish
it is impossible that a fishlike mammal will actually revert to being a true fish
in the event of the building ceasing to become a school, ownership would revert to the Church
I just go back to this whole issue of reading speeches and express the hope that we might revert to previous Standing Orders, which forbade that practice.
Anyway, having thrown out this soiled bath water, let us revert to the words of Paul Celan.
I asked as I reverted my gaze to the burly man at the wheel.
We checked in each of the 72 lineages whether the original mutation had reverted to its ancestral wild-type state by performing consensus population sequencing.
The reverter condition is seen by the Planning Officer as ‘a restrictive element’ reflecting BAe's case that the condition hampers the finding of a buyer for the site.
Yezad, on the other hand, gradually reverts to the Parsi religious practice of his ancestors, in spite of his earlier skepticism and to the delight of his devout wife.
Edmund reverted his attention to the front of the class, on hearing those words.