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reversion / атавизм, перестановка, возвращение в прежнее состояние
имя существительное
atavism, throwback, reversion, reversion to type
permutation, transposition, rearrangement, reshuffle, shift, reversion
возвращение в прежнее состояние
regression, reversion
имя существительное
a return to a previous state, practice, or belief.
there was some reversion to polytheism
the right, especially of the original owner or their heirs, to possess or succeed to property on the death of the present possessor or at the end of a lease.
the reversion of property
It was a reversion to type not unknown from the leader of a party that, from the start, set itself firmly against democracy and inclusivity.
Next year sees the 10th anniversary of the Treaty of Granita, when Gordon ceded the leadership to Tony, on the promise of the reversion of it within a decade.
The institution of joint army/police patrols in the cities aroused mixed feelings; they may have been necessary where crime was large-scale and violent, but they were thought to symbolize a reversion to coercive practices.
Although this might seem a reversion to earlier consensus or opinion based guidelines, it is very useful where necessary evidence is found to be lacking despite an extensive literature search.
‘It's very important to press ahead to avoid a reversion to the bad old days,’ said one person.
there was some reversion to polytheism
Mr Shapiro accepted that the proposed underletting to Telco would cause no risk to Riverland's income stream, or to the value of Riverland's reversion , during the remainder of the term of the Lease.
Thirdly, do they say there was an estate in reversion created in the Crown under these statutes?
Until recently there seems to have been some lack of awareness of the provision for reversion , but this is probably no longer the case.
a reversion to the two-party system