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reversible / двусторонний, обратимый, реверсивный
имя прилагательное
bilateral, reversible, bipartite, reciprocal, bifacial, two-sided
reversible, invertible, convertible, restorable
reversible, reversionary, reversional
имя существительное
двусторонняя ткань
костюм из двусторонней ткани
имя прилагательное
able to be reversed, in particular.
Some of these effects are reversible , but many are not.
These effects are reversible and tend to be less of a problem over time if the patient continues taking the drug.
Also very fashionable is the clever and practical reversible cloth purse.
The reversible cover is a nice touch, the booklet is informative, and it's just plain pretty.
I suggest you buy some inexpensive plain, reversible jerseys.
Miles said one student proposed a reversible high occupancy vehicle lane on Highway 99 to increase its capacity, while others argued against the construction of any new infrastructure.
If you have reversible ceiling fans, set them in the winter to circulate the heated air collecting at the ceiling down towards the floor.
Written by former Ministry of Education CEO Clive Borely, the book Carlton and the Dolphin and Tilly the Turtle is a reversible , hardcover publication.
‘But one of the main advantages of Botox is that the side effects are reversible , such as with tosis, which goes away in three months as the drug starts to wear off,’ said McMillan.
Then you have these reversible jackets, which have bronzed satin type fabric on one side and oatmeal speckles on the other.