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reverie / мечтательность, мечты, мечтания
имя существительное
reverie, dreaminess, stargazing
daydream, reverie, cloud-castle
имя существительное
a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.
a knock on the door broke her reverie
It's best not to stare at children too hard these days, but listening to them I found myself in some kind of reverie for my own lost youth.
a knock on the door broke her reverie
Morrison rouses himself out of his beery reverie .
Credo knocked Dan out of his reverie with a jab to his ribs.
Sal describes the jazz reverie of the pianist, Slim Galliard.
Which brought me again to my whole reverie about steel: As much as we prize things in this culture, we do not much fetishize the process by which they were made.
It's not every day that I'm jolted out of a lazy reverie by an estate agent and a potential purchaser standing in the middle of my bedroom, admiring the view from the window.
I shook my head again to get out of my fanciful reverie .
Trains however, sway gently through the landscape and lull one into a pleasant reverie .
I slipped into reverie