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reverent / благоговейный, почтительный
имя прилагательное
reverent, devout, reverential, religious
respectful, dutiful, reverent, deferential, reverential, honorific
имя прилагательное
feeling or showing deep and solemn respect.
a reverent silence
Everyone tiptoed around and spoke in hushed and reverent tones.
The festive season of Christmas was observed in the usual reverent and enjoyable manner by the community in Bunclody.
The darkness is almost reverent ; the way the light filters down on each altar gives the design a spiritual feel.
I don't think Strauss wrote for such a po-faced, reverent audience.
A reverent quiet settled upon the nation, and the election passed off entirely peacefully…
As he got older and his reviews got more reverent , the films tended to get less interesting, though watching him was almost always a pleasure.
Everything was done with the ancestors and the seventh generation yet to come in mind, a reverent model of accountability.
I was not very reverent or respecting of myself in the early days.
The kids have taken a somewhat reverent tone when talking about Pete.
In his past work, David Lynch has often presented seniors as if they were circus freaks, but here his approach is reverent and respectful.